İntermodal Taşımacılık

Intermodal Transport


Intermodal transportation, which is a part of the sustainable transportation system, is the mode of transportation in which it is not subjected to any handling by using two or more transportation modes (road, rail, sea, airway) with the same transportation vehicle.

This mode of transportation is the integrated version of land, rail, sea and air transportation models. With the selection of suitable transportation types with integrated results, the appropriate transportation method is realized by providing safety, speed and cost advantage.


Intermodal Transportation Features and Advantages

– First of all, in intermodal transportation, it is ensured that the product is not re-handled during the shipping process.
– The most important feature of intermodal transport is the free exchange of equipment between transport modes. The product can be transported in a container on an airplane or by a rail vehicle.
– It offers a special and guaranteed mode of transportation for loads with difficult routes in terms of time.
– More than one carrier and transportation contracts are made for different modes of transportation. And more than one carrier company is responsible for the transportation process.
– For products with lower value, the scale of choice in terms of service options and price is large.


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