Integrated Logistics Services

Industry Overview

Air cargo transportation continues to grow among the transportation modes in the sector, increasing its importance today. It can be considered as the first priority in the transportation of textiles, valuable cargo and livestock, especially e-commerce, among other modes of transportation that remain relatively slow, as the fastest and most practical solutions are offered in the international trade network, and even to the farthest destinations of the world with the shortest deadlines.

Air transportation, which provides fast and safe transportation of products, is a more expensive transportation method than other modes due to its high fuel consumption.

Airline companies that are members of IATA (International Air Transport Association), that is, the International Air Transport Association, organize uninterrupted flights to airports in various countries of the world with their own aircraft fleets.

Competitive Advantages

As in land and sea transportation, you can create an alternative by using air transportation, which is used in intermodal transportation with more than one transportation method, in order to provide cost management and in cases where the deadline is extended by seaway.

– Due to the rapid delivery of products, you can deliver the shipments with limited deadlines on time.

-You can have your products shipped cheaper than your competitors by using our competitive prices for regular air freight shipments.

-You can send door-to-door delivery of your products, including customs taxes, and benefit from our high value-added services.

-For your large-scale projects, if you wish, you can get rid of the problem of living space by hiring charter flights.

-You can manage your reservations at your own discretion by choosing the flights that suit you with our alternative transportation offers.

-You can contact us for our content that we have made free of charge for your exports for the first time.

How do we work?

You can think of it this way, we are trying to offer you the time it will take for a large ship to dock at the port, with alternatives at a speed that a small ship can dock. We have added the customs clearance service in order to achieve this speed in our service alternatives that we will offer for your regular shipments, instant spot requests or transportation tenders.

Why Us?

As TBH Logistics, we turn our boutique service approach into sustainable competitive advantages for you, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages that may arise from the fact that your business is a SME, e-commerce or multinational company.

Transparency Policy
Transparency Policy

Creating transparency policy alternative price offers for your shipments for your products.


Instant tracking of shipments and comprehensive reporting of developments.

Cargo Security
Cargo Security

Creating additional freight insurance based on customer demands and providing service without profit

Key Benifits

If you are going to have long-term shipments, making a contract for you will give you an advantage in terms of pricing and vehicle supply.

Our expert teams will make regular reports via e-mail with the reference number we will forward to you.

Can I cancel the reservation request I have made?

You can send the cancellation e-mail at the latest 2 days before the planned departure by informing the reference number we have given you to our relevant department.

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