Highway Transportation

Industry Overview

Due to the geographical location of our country, road transportation, which is mostly used in Europe, the Middle East and the independent states region, stands out as the most widely used transportation model as a fast and cost-effective transportation model for nearby regions.

With the concept of intermodel transportation, which emerged by integrating the road transportation model with different transportation models, it is possible to save time and price for close distance transportation. Thanks to the right planning, it saves time and price, while minimizing the energy to be spent and reducing the carbon emission to the nature by 75%.

In order for this organization, which continues from the delivery of the vehicle to the delivery point to the delivery point, to provide a competitive advantage, we strive to provide the appropriate solution by determining the customer needs well.

Rekabet Avantajları

We attach great importance to customizing the reservation process for you, together with our road transport personnel who are well aware of the transportation conditions in the target and current sales markets.

Therefore, in order to find the most suitable transportation solution for your needs;

We ask for your cargo’s readiness date, required delivery date and material details. Thanks to your answers to these and other questions, we analyze whether they have the potential to save time or cost and offer you the fastest solution at the most affordable cost.

  • Export Rate
  • Import Rate

How Does the Process Work?

Based on the download request from you

-We create a quote

-After the approval process, we start a local purchasing organization.

-We start the customs clearance procedures with the vehicle loading we carry out in our warehouses.

-The reporting process that we started with the exit of the vehicle continues until the products are delivered.

-Finally, the delivery information is sent to you as an e-mail and the process is completed.

Why Us?

As TBH Logistics, we turn our boutique service approach into sustainable competitive advantages for you, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages that may arise from the fact that your business is a SME, e-commerce or multinational company.

Transparency Policy
Transparency Policy

Creating transparency policy alternative price offers for your shipments for your products.


Instant tracking of shipments and comprehensive reporting of developments.

Cargo Security
Cargo Security

Creating additional freight insurance based on customer demands and providing service without profit

Key Benifits

If you are going to have long-term shipments, making a contract for you will give you an advantage in terms of pricing and vehicle supply.

Our expert teams will make regular reports via e-mail with the reference number we will forward to you.

Can I cancel the reservation request I have made?

You can send the cancellation e-mail at the latest 2 days before the planned departure by informing the reference number we have given you to our relevant department.

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