Gelişen Teknoloji Gelişen Lojistik

The rapid development of technology has made the concept of time fast and valuable. We do not neglect to keep up with and follow every development and innovation in this period when technology and logistics are intertwined. The meeting of technology and logistics, which we will examine under many titles such as developing tracking systems for vehicles and products, E-logistics software and applications, is now becoming very attractive for the sender and receiver.


A concept that has just entered our lives;


With the increase in the influence of the Internet in our lives, we met the concept of e-commerce. The logistics industry became integrated with the concept of e-logistics, in which it formed its own language, shortly after this meeting. In a world where you can find everything you are looking for in a reliable environment, at any time and most importantly, in the fastest way, a planned logistics operation needs to be activated for the smooth running of business. While the files required for shipments and deliveries, the documents to be signed and their interpersonal delivery were a waste of time, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with Turkish abbreviation, “Electronic Data Interchange Software” came into play.

What is EDI?

These are the norms created by the work of the commissions established within the United Nations Organization in the early 1980s with the aim of providing data transfer between companies and institutions with different information platforms (hardware, software, communication media, …). It uses EDI integration to share a range of document types, from proposal requests, loan applications, and more.

The logistics industry rapidly integrated with EDI technology, saving time and human resources at a noticeable rate. In addition, this form of software, which has many advantages, reduced administrative and logistics expenses, improved commercial relations, had a positive effect on quality and provided a safe environment.


RFID Technologies
What is RFID?

It is an electronic device with small circuits containing a small chip and antenna. RFID technology, as the name suggests, is a method of recognizing objects individually and automatically using radio frequency.

The Place of RFID in the Logistics Industry

The increase in the complexity of networks in the supply chain, the growth of structures, the management of logistics and transportation processes that have the largest share in logistics, and the coordination between the members of the chain have become a situation that can only be realized by making use of information technologies. Development of QR code tracking system in products with RFID technology; It provided advantages such as getting rid of the financial burdens of lost goods and reducing labor costs for producers, consumers and carriers.


Vehicle Tracking

In the logistics sector, they need many data information such as product safety, location information of the product, communication with the customer, driver communication or vehicle performance information, tachograph information for the buyer and the sender company. Almost every logistics company uses the vehicle tracking system, which is a technology that provides all these data at the same time, effectively.

M2M Technology; Age of Machines


We call it the era of machines because, with the development of technology, many processes are completed quickly and come to a conclusion thanks to the communication language of machines that no longer need humans much.

M2M is a technology that enables devices to be remotely monitored, managed and communicated with each other, thanks to smart boards developed for devices. With M2M technology, a device collects data from environmental events and transmits this data to a remote device. M2M solutions are widely used in the industry as they provide great benefits such as site management, fuel optimization and operational efficiency. The solutions it offers to the logistics industry are not limited to reducing fuel consumption. For example, the Fleet Periodic Maintenance and Service Tracking System is a system that allows the central management of vehicle fleets, timely periodic maintenance and controls, and regular monitoring of their use.


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