Lojistik Bölümü Geleceği

International trade and logistics

Thanks to the developing technology, we are in a world network that is in constant consumption. In order to meet the needs, it is necessary to have easy access to domestic and foreign markets. Just at this stage, the concept of logistics enters our lives. This concept, which covers all the transactions carried out until the last moment when the needs reach the final consumer; It covers all operations such as storage, transportation, packaging, customs clearance and distribution.

Logistics means knowing and managing supply, demand, distribution and supply operations apart from transporting the needs to the world by road, rail, sea or air. The management process of the products starting from the production reaches the final consumer with a correct logistics management.

Why Should I Work in the Logistics Industry?

Logistics operations, which are carried out by using transportation activities effectively, are the most important part of the supply chain. The sector, which is open to continuous development and growing, will turn into the supply chain itself in the near future, and logistics companies are actively playing and will continue to play in every field except purchasing, procurement, planning, etc., as multinational companies have started to do even today.

What are the advantages of working in the logistics sector?

People working in this sector are very advantageous. Due to Turkey’s geographical location, the fact that it is in a position that connects Asia and Europe in particular shows that the workforce will always exist and develop in terms of logistics. As a result of our country’s geopolitical advantages, the fact that there are too many export and import ports makes it necessary to work in the field of logistics, both by sea, by land, and by air trade.

Experts in the field of logistics are needed at every point of production. Considering the development level of our country together with the big companies in the production network, this need is increasing day by day. The development of technology and the fact that sales are made over the internet caused the logistics industry to add many new areas to its wide working area. For this reason, people with strong analysis and planning management can easily increase their working rates in this sector and easily move to an advantageous position.


What are the Job Opportunities in the Logistics Industry?

A person who wants to work in the logistics sector can find a suitable job opportunity wherever there is production.

They have the opportunity to work in international trade and logistics institutions operating in the public or private sector, national and international logistics service organizations, storage and distribution places, foreign trade companies, customs enterprises, maritime enterprises and port enterprises.


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